Laparoscopy services offered in Athens, OH

More than 13 million laparoscopic surgeries are performed each year in the United States. Due to its minimally invasive nature, laparoscopy is safe, well-tolerated, and presents few risks. At Athens Surgery Center, an ambulatory surgery center, the team provides several types of laparoscopy to relieve pain and encourage the body’s natural healing process. To make an appointment, call the office in Athens, Ohio, or book online today.

What is laparoscopy?

Laparoscopy is a minimally invasive procedure that diagnoses problems affecting your abdomen or pelvis.

During treatment, your Athens Surgery Center provider uses a laparoscope –– a thin tube with a lighted camera on the end –– to see inside your body. The laparoscope feeds real-time images to a TV monitor in the operating suite. Your surgeon uses those images to make a diagnosis and determine the best type of treatment.

What parts of the body can laparoscopy examine?

The team at Athens Surgery Center uses laparoscopy to diagnose problems affecting the:

  • Uterus
  • Ovaries
  • Fallopian tubes
  • Liver
  • Pancreas
  • Gallbladder
  • Spleen
  • Stomach

Whenever possible, the team uses noninvasive diagnostic procedures, like X-rays, ultrasounds, or CT scans. If these tests don’t confirm the source of your symptoms, laparoscopy might be necessary.

How do I prepare for laparoscopy?

Preparing for laparoscopy is easy. Don’t eat or drink anything after midnight the night before your procedure. Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothes to your appointment and leave any excess jewelry at home. In addition, wear low-heeled shoes, as the anesthetic may affect your balance.

What happens during laparoscopy?

At Athens Surgery Center, the team performs laparoscopy on-site.

Your provider asks you to change into a gown and has you lie down on your back on an exam table. Then, they administer a general anesthetic, putting you to sleep. 

After the anesthesia sets in, your surgeon makes a small incision near your belly button. Then, they insert the laparoscope through the incision and inflate your abdomen, making it easier to see your internal organs.

If necessary, your provider might also make a second small incision above your waistline. This incision provides an opening for surgical tools that can make repairs or remove diseased or damaged tissue.

After the procedure, your provider closes the incisions and moves you to a recovery room for observation. Once the anesthesia wears off, a friend or family member can drive you home.

What is recovery like after laparoscopy?

After laparoscopy, it’s important to take it easy for at least 24 hours. Get plenty of rest, don’t drive, and avoid drinking alcohol. Wait to remove your bandages until the morning after your procedure. 

It’s okay to return to work or school after three days. If you need a doctor’s note for your employer, the team at Athens Surgery Center is happy to assist.

To see if you can benefit from laparoscopy, make an appointment at Athens Surgery Center by calling the office or booking online today.