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                     Athens Surgery Center

                                                75 Hospital Drive
                                                      Suite 100
                                              Athens, Ohio 45701

                                                 Patient Information

All patients are contacted by a member of the nursing staff prior to surgery. If you have not received a
call from one of our nurses within 24 hours of your surgical procedure, please call the Athens Surgery
Center between the hours of 6:30am and 3:30pm Monday through Friday at (740)566-4500.

If you have a history of heart or lung problems, latex allergy, anesthesia complications, or other
significant medical problems call (740) 566-4500. You may need medical clearance from your doctor
or cardiologist.

                                           Pre-procedure instructions

  1. If your physician has ordered pre-admission testing, please complete prior to your
    scheduled surgery.
  2. a responsible adult MUST accompany you to the surgery center, be available during the
    procedure, and drive you home afterward. Arrangements must also be made for an adult to
    stay with you for 24 hours after surgery. Patients under 18 years of age must be
    accompanied by a parent or legal guardian and must provide center with legal
    guardian paperwork and a picture ID. Parents or legal guardian must bring SS card
    or birth certificate for the minor child.
  3. Please bring your driver's license or other photo ID., insurance information and any
    required co-payment or payment.
  4. Do not eat or drink anything after midnight the day of your scheduled procedure unless
    otherwise instructed. This includes water, food, gum, candy, or chewing tobacco. Teeth may
    be brushed or mouth rinsed, but water should not be swallowed.
  5. If you are taking medication, consult with your surgeon concerning dosage for the day of
    surgery. Please bring a list of all medications that you are currently taking.
  6. We recommend that you refrain from smoking for 24 hours prior to surgery.
  7. Please shower or bathe the morning of the surgery. Wear loose, comfortable clothing.
  8. Follow all instructions from your physician about cleaning the operative site. Do not wear
    cosmetics, especially eye make-up, on the day of the surgery. Any jewelry, including body
    piercings, MUST be removed. Do not bring valuables, such as a wallet with you.

                                              On Admission

  1. You will be requested to sign admission and surgery center consent forms. We will also ask
    to make a copy of your insurance card and photo ID.
  2. A registered nurse will meet and interview you, and assist you to the pre-procedure room.
    You will be asked to change into a hospital gown. Your personal belongings will be held
    while you are in surgery and returned to you when you are discharged. Valuables, such as
    jewelry or your wallet, should NOT be brought to the center.
  3. You will be admitted to a pre-operative area where verification of identity, procedure, and
    physician will be reviewed, along with the information on your chart.
  4. You will receive written instructions for your at-home care, which will be reviewed with you
    upon discharge.
Children in Our Facility
For their safety and comfort, children should be attended to at all times and must remain in
the waiting area.